Back to the Swing of Things

Phew! Has it been quite some time since I've surfaced around these parts.

First off - my apologies. The year did get off to a roaring start but between personal things and work, I had to step away from the intensity of development on Thought Reactor for a little bit. Work was not abandoned, per se, and you may have noticed on the social channels that things some things are coming out of the studio still.

During this most recent hiatus, however, some things have changed. The direction we will be taking for the remainder of the year and into the future has shifted slightly and there are some announcements surrounding that shift I will detail in short in this blog and in more detail in the following weeks.

Given the shift, I thought it would be apropros to launch a newer, more streamlined site layout for us. It is more mobile friendly and leverages a neat little CSS utility framework called TailwindCSS, which has really allowed the design to come into it's own. The site is still a work in progress and I am looking to bringing our games front and center in some forthcoming updates.

Before I summarize the upcoming announcements there is a more immediate announcement - LUDUM DARE 44. If you've been following us for any length of time you know we always attempt to get a game done for this (now) bi-annual game jam. This time around will be no different! I don't think I will be streaming this time around, simply as a matter of attention and focus on simply getting shit done.

I will, however, be posting on Twitter and Instagram throughout the weekend with updates and screenshots so you can see how it is shaping up! Fingers crossed for an inspiring theme come Friday night!


So, About Those Changes...

It seems every so often the pressures of running this studio get to me. Even more often, I come out of that with a different perspective on how I should handle that moving forward and what needs to happen to make adapting to that easier the next time.

In the past that has been to reduce my dedication or to simply just treat things with a little less zeal. More recently, it has been to shift my focus to smaller digestible projects that can be used as learning exercises for even bigger ones.

As things stand right now, the number one hurdle for Thought Reactor as a developer of ambitious games is time and money (go figure, right?). So with that being said, after years of flip flopping on the desired business model of Thought Reactor I have come to the conclusion that in order to survive and create an atmosphere for ambitious titles like PARABOLA to come to life, I must steer the business side of the studio in a profit-seeking direction.

Given this, however, I cannot bring myself to sell out, as it were, by churning out mindless, pay-to-win, microtransaction laden pieces of shit. I won't do that to myself, despite the overwhelming evidence that I could use it to garner some capital.

So, from here on out Thought Reactor will be seeking to create small games with nominal fees. Some games may feature a pay-what-you-want model, while others will stand firm at a few bucks. Additionally, as the PARABOLA prototype further solidifies itself in the coming months we will be looking into one of many fundraising/investment opportunities for indie game developers. Whether this is Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Fig - or whatever - the fact remains that no matter how hard I try to make this baby alone, I'm going to need some help.


What's Next?

After Ludum Dare this weekend I will be announcing the first upcoming release. It is something I have teased in the past few weeks and will continue to splash on social media as the design comes further along. That game will be a spiritual successor to IGEO, taking the game's concepts to the next level.

Furthermore, I will be providing more information regarding the development of PARABOLA and where we see the design of the game turning to reflect our dedication to getting it funded. The game will be drawn back and it's approach will be different than the original design called for. That's all I can really say for now.

So, until then - wish me luck with Ludum Dare 44!


By Michael DeLally Last updated April 30th, 2019