Thought Reactor is a small indie game studio that is focused on making artistic and challenging games. Maintained part time by Michael DeLally, the studio is just beginning to find itself and trying to find its place in a crowded but emerging market.

We bleed video gaming and want to transmit that passion into our craft. Like many studios we've sort of fallen into a niche - challenging, puzzle-driven games that test logic, reflexes, and spacial reasoning. Thought Reactor believes games that challenge those faculties can not only be insanely fun but incredibly rewarding, allowing players to sharpen their minds and engage areas of their brain often neglected by daily life.

There isn't a genre of game that our team doesn't play or hasn't played and we incorporate the designs from many genres into our games in order to build titles that are easy to approach but challenging to master. We're just getting started - come join us on our journey by following the development blog on the site.

We are currently developing a FPS puzzle-platformer called PARABOLA. To keep up with development, demo builds, and more please checkout the official site and social media channels.

IGEO, our latest puzzle game based on spacial reasoning and pattern logic.

Be sure to follow us on your favorite social channels to recieve updates on releases, live streams, and game jams!