We are a humble little game developer from Oldsmar, FL, USA that builds engaging puzzle-driven games with a focus on depth and challenge.

Thought Reactor is held up by its roots in hobby experimental game design and development. Most of our games have been built in weekends or as prototypes for further exploration.

As we move through 2020 and beyond, our focus is on growing those roots into a sturdy tree by branching out into new platforms and exploring new heights in engaging game design.

Check Us Out On Itch.io!

A majority of our games can be played free in the browser (or downloaded) on the Thought Reactor Itch.io page.

Most of these titles are very small and unfinished games made for game jams like Ludum Dare. Every game we provide on Itch.io will be DRM-free forever.

The launch of IGEO DX on Steam will mark our first release on that platform - so stay tuned for more info!

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