Finally the new site lives!

July 23, 2020

The site has been under construction now for more than half the year! And what a crazy year it has been, hasn't it?

Through the pandemic, a new apartment, and working remotely full-time I've managed to pull this little site together.

For years we hosted the site on DigitalOcean using a Laravel/PHP backend. It was awesome and I will forever love Laravel - but something a little simpler and easier to maintain was in order for 2020.

This new site is super small and built using a Vue.js site generator known as Gridsome. For anyone versed in Vue, it's a great way to build lightweight and performant sites.

That being said, the main reason for the switch was to alleviate the need to maintain the "studio website" so the focus could shift to building sites and communities around our games.

And with that - a major announcement is in store: our rebuilt puzzle game IGEO DX is out now in Open Alpha.

Head over to now to download it for Windows and Mac operating systems!

This is just the beginning of the journey for IGEO DX. During this stage of development, I am hoping to get as many fresh eyes on the game as possible, so we can smooth out bugs and find what people are enjoying most about their time with it.

So join the hunt for bugs and don't hesitate to drop some feedback in the forums or on Discord!

That's going to be all for this blog. To stay tuned with IGEO DX, keep your eyes peeled on its Itch dev blog!

Peace out!

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