Getting Ready for the GMTK Game Jam

I mentioned last week that I would be participating in Mark Brown's Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam this weekend. It begins in earnest at 3pm Eastern Time tomorrow and runs through the weekend until 3pm on Sunday.

Contrary to my approach in the Extra Credits Game Jam, I'm going to fly solo. I've not spent a lot actual game development time since the last jam and I want to really hone in on the game design and implementation with this go around. I will pick back up with a team come time for Ludum Dare in October.

Additionally, I will be returning to my roots and leveraging Construct 3 as the game engine instead of Unity. I love Unity and am dedicated to developing on the platform for Thought Reactor's main projects, but it can bog me down in game jams due to its expansive feature set.

With C3, I will be able to quickly get gameplay implemented so that I can refine the design and polish an entry that is feature complete and fun. The lack of programming is something I see as a double-edged sword, but in a game jam "focused on design, mechanics, and clever ideas", I really can't afford to get hung up on implementation.

Knowing Mark's content, this jam will surely be inspiring, so I want to capitalize on my design skills, which Construct will certainly embellish. Other than that, however, I'm not imposing any constraints on the game - any kind of 2D game is acceptable!

Also, I think I might want to try and stream some of the jam this weekend, as well. I do have some fiduciary responsibilities to take care of this weekend, but in general, I'm open and free to give this jam my all!

Good luck to any and all participating in this jam - see you at the finish line!

Michael DeLally

By Michael DeLally Last updated August 1st, 2019