LD44: Bad Approach Cost Me Dearly

For anyone who keeps up with us on social media, namely Instagram, I did tease a little bit of what I had cooking up for Ludum Dare this past weekend. It didn't pan out, unfortunately.

To be blunt, the game sucked and it didn't get finished. I went into this year's first LD with the mindset of keeping the design simple and focusing on graphics and polish. To that end, I was successful - but so much so that the gameplay suffered and I didn't give myself the time to actually build a fun game.

I think this highlights a fatal flaw in my approach to Ludum Dare competetions recently: trying too hard.

With these types of high-intensity rapid development scenarios, one really has to lean on their strengths. When flying solo, there is little time to dwell on things you are not proficient with. While I'm a practiced artist, my technical skills in that arena (digital art and 3D modeling specifically) are not proficient enough to try and tackle during a jam. Art during jams has always been something I toss together last minute - often opting for simpler abstract styles to save the headache of creating detailed art.

So with that, come Ludum Dare 45, I want to assemble a Jam Team at Thought Reactor. I am not completely ruling out solo attempts in the future, but moving forward I think establishing a solid team for jams will not only help me focus on what I do best but also improve on my team workflow - which will carry many benefits over to the studio as we grow our team over the next few years.

Lastly, I've learned to take these events in stride and not get down on myself for failing or not getting it done. It's not the first and it certainly won't be the last. I learned something and now must move on!

I do have another blog slated for this week that will go into some details regarding the upcoming IGEO successor. It will tease the new artistic direction as well as the new features coming to the game. Expect that on Thursday or Friday!

Until then - onward and upward!

By Michael DeLally Last updated April 30th, 2019