Let's Take it From the Top...Again

Posted on July 09, 2018

It's been awhile since I've had any updates on well...anything. I've rolled everything back and we're going to start fresh with this blog!

To make a long story short, health and work responsibilities have been making game dev things difficult. However, not difficult enough that I can't proudly announce our current project:

Parabola Logo

PARABOLA, as a prototype, has been in the works for several months going through several design iterations in that process. At this point, the end goal is fairly solid and the development of the game is underway.

In short, Parabola is a first-person shooter puzzle platformer (what a mouthful, eh?). It is a concept that I've been longing to flesh out, mostly because of its simple and intuitive mechanics but its demanding and challenging gameplay implications.

The game revolves around a gun-like device known as the Auxilliary Resonance Cannon, or ARC, which fires energetic bouncing balls of light. The player's primary goal is to shoot and bounce these balls into various power-cells in order to grant charge to doors, platforms, and other puzzle obstacles preventing them from completing levels. There is a heavy focus on quick movement and jumping as levels become more and more difficult.

I don't want to take too much away from the awesome site I have built for the game, which you can visit at https://parabolagame.com. Moving forward, that will be the primary and most updated resource regarding the game.

Given that, don't expect too much to surface on this blog. I am basically reserving this site as a base of operations and a news source for more general studio related happenings. Major announcements regarding Parabola will certainly be published here, as well - but please, check out the game site and subscribe to the newsletter to receive the most up to date news and build releases.



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