Ludum Dare 45 - It Is That Time Again!

Oof! It's been quite some time, hasn't it!? First things first - let's get some news and updates out of the way.


How are things going?

Things have been going really well at the new job - I'm getting up to speed rather quickly and diving into some really fun projects. As the whole process starts to normalize and I get more and more comfortable my bandwidth for Thought Reactor is starting to increase.

Work on IGEO has been virtually non-existent. I'm debating whether I should continue working on it, giving its codebase is out of date and difficult to maintain. I'm thinking I may just have to let this one go and move on. It's such a novel concept, but short of reimplementing it from the ground up, it's just proving to be too difficult to cobble together.

I really want to move into the 2D adventure game I mentioned a few months back and begin finalizing some design work on Parabola. Both of these projects are something I feel stronger about and want to start to take some initiative on before the year's end.


Ludum Dare 45

Tonight at 6PM Eastern marks the beginning of Ludum Dare 45. I will be participating alongside some buddies of mine - Ian and Stephen. Ian, who is also one of my roommates, has done a couple of LDs with me in the past, so he knows what to expect. This is Stephen's first-ever game jam, so he's excited about the challenge. Additionally, our friends Daniel and Brandon will be providing some testing assistance throughout the weekend as their time allows.

We're not entirely sure if we will be digging into a 2D or 3D game, but we will be leveraging Unity 2019.2 and trying to get this puppy squared away for the 72-hour Jam. Like usual, this is about having fun and getting something done, so we're not looking to reinvent the wheel or do anything too crazy in scope.

It would be fun to stream the three of us, but I'm not really sure about the logistics and technical side of that, so I'll likely just share updates throughout the weekend on Twitter and Instagram.

Wish us luck! 😋

Michael DeLally

By Michael DeLally Last updated October 4th, 2019