Our LD42 Entry...Hovertank 42: Modern Wall-fare

Posted on August 13, 2018

I'm proud to announce that our entry for Ludum Dare 42 is complete and live on the internet. You can play the game in your browser or on Windows and Mac machines right now

Hovertank 42: Modern Wall-fare is an easy-to-play, but difficult-to-master top-down shooter with a twist. The player has two modes of fire: primary fire kills all enemies in one shot - but if it misses and hits a solid wall, it spawns a deadly Orange Wall. The player can use their secondary fire, or Missiles, to destroy Orange Walls blocking their way.

I will have a cool post-mortem write-up and/or video in the coming week or so. Also, I did manage to stream on Friday evening and everything went pretty smooth. Storms throughout the weekend had left my internet a bit spotty, so I decided to refrain from broadcasting the rest of the weekend to just focus on getting the game done!

Expect some more streams moving forward - mostly on Parabola development, but perhaps some Ludum Dare games and Monster Hunter!

Until next time!


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