Recoverdrome - GMTK Game Jam Entry

After not really having a whole ton of time this weekend to dedicate to the jam, I still managed to pull something pretty small together in time. I'm calling it Recoverdrome and you can play it here.

It's a top-down/twin-stick space shooter where you only have one bullet. To keep shooting you must recover your bullet by running into it. You can upgrade the radius at which you can recover the bullet with a pickup dropped by enemies. And that's basically it. There is some strategy involved with how your ship and bullet wrap around the level a la Asteroids, but it's pretty down and dirty.

I don't intend to do a formal post-mortem on this one because it was really just a rehashing of some similar concepts I've implemented before. The game is pretty simple, but also fairly challenging to play. If I had a little more time I would have added a couple more things:

  • Difficulty curve: while initially difficult, the game has a rather flat difficulty curve that will actually taper off pretty quick once you've maxed out the recover radius (something I should have done a better job of signifying); modulating the spawn rate based on the score or enemies killed would help ramp up the challenge
  • More enemies: the simple kamikaze AI is rather dull and easy to outwit once you've figured them out; it would have added to the challenge to mix up some different baddies in there to keep you guessing
  • More power-ups: I wanted to add power-ups that would slow your bullet down, make it bigger, or make it bounce back when you've hit an enemy (it currently just barrels through enemies)

I may take a stab at a "post-jam" edition of this little game. It was fun to make and just felt good to get something done this weekend. I'll be sure to keep you all updated should anything come of it in the future!

In other news, I will be diving into the IGEO 1.1 Update this weekend, hopefully getting some of the lingering tasks squared away with that one. If I can get them all worked through, we will be dropping that update early next week after some testing.

Until next time - take care!

Michael DeLally

By Michael DeLally Last updated August 5th, 2019