Some Updates

Posted on October 12, 2018

It has been quite some time since our last post. In the coming weeks there is some exciting stuff happening.

First, I've successfully relocated to a "new" apartment, so a lot of that stressful shit is being lifted off my shoulders this month. In doing that, I am now living with one of Thought Reactor's floating developers - Ian Davis. The hope is that between our full time jobs we can start to work together to go ham on some game jams. An even bigger hope, is that his assitance can help accelerate development on Parabola.

In Parabola news, the site has seen a couple touch ups as I prepare to seed it for the relaunch. The past two months have been a case of good old fashion game design soul searching - and it has yielded some very interesting results.

As of now, Parabola's core mechanics have been refined to allow for a better paced gameplay experience. Juxtaposed to that is the development of an intertwined narrative. Parabola will feature a deep, science fiction narrative. This story focuses on the ethical and moral implications of scientific experimentation and the issues surrounding that in a future where technology has surpassed practicality and entered the surreal.

Given the gameplay enhancements/tweaks and the introduction of the narrative structure, it is now safe to call Parabola a story-driven puzzler, as it is wrought with elements akin to popular games such as BioShock and Hollow Knight. While the strict platforming nature of the game has been reduced, the game will still feature advanced movement mechanics to make traversing its environs more challenging and restrictive (in a lite Metroidvania fashion).

So, Parabola is quite the hodgepodge of a game - but it delicately balances these elements to help the game feel less like a Portal-like puzzle-romp and more like a narrative-driven immersive sim. Tons of info on the story, its characters, and its setting to come in the next month or so.

In other news, I'm going to take a stab at some game jams in the coming weeks. Back-to-back week long game jams to be precise. The Blackthorn Gamejam, the first of which, will be a less serious attempt as I'll be traveling this weekend. It is mostly an exercise to get myself back into the spirit of development as the past two months have been largely writing and design work.

The second jam, is the well established 7-day FPS challenge - which I'm treating more seriously and as an exercise to warm me up for accelerated development on Parabola. I'll keep updates flowing on the site and Twitter should things start to come together - as I know it will be difficult to get something done during work weeks.

That pretty much does it! Until next time.


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