Things Can Never Seem to Just Get Going...

This past week I fell incredibly ill with what, atleast initially, was diagnosed as a virus. It was misdiagnosed as such and was in fact a serious bacterial infection that could have killed me had I not taken action when I did and received a second opinion. To make matters worse (because what's worse than death, right?), it has put me in a potentially serious financial bind having missed a solid six days of work.

Sadly, I am paid by the hour and am having to leverage my vacation time to cover the time missed due to illness. This is going to result in some time and budget being diverted from Thought Reactor. How much, I am not yet certain, as I am going day-to-day trying to figure out the best course of action to remediate the situation. I cannot, for the protection of my well being, divulge any of that in more detail publically.

Also, I am not even completely out of the woods with this illness either. I will be needing to visit an ENT within the week to follow up on the infection and results of the antibiotics to see if I will need to have any kind of abscess drained or my tonsils removed. That, plus the possibility that this was brought upon by a dental infection would incur further cost and time than that.

Given all this, I'm finding no other choice than to sort of put Thought Reactor on pause while I sort this shit out. I know I will want to spend whatever free time I may find working on something, if just to keep sane - but I will likely not be keeping you all updated for some time. It could be weeks. It could be months. I'm sorry for the uncertainty, but that is the very definition of my life right now.

Always want to keep it real and open with anyone who keeps up with the studio. Wish me luck!

Until next time!

By Michael DeLally Last updated May 15th, 2019